Fire Stephen Hsu.

Scientific racism has no place in an equitable and just institution. It has been allowed to flourish at MSU for too long.

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UPDATE: Hsu has resigned.

See the statement from MSU here.

We sincerely thank all of you who had the courage to speak out and took the time to engage with this important work.

The reception we received was beyond our imaginings. It is clear this is a deep pain that has been bubbling under the surface at our institution for many years, and we are not done engaging with and trying to heal that damage.

But for now, thank you.

Note: If you would like your name removed from this public-facing site, please let us know. Otherwise, the petition will be updated soon with all names submitted prior to Hsu’s resignation.

An Open Letter to Michigan State University

We are faculty, students, support staff, and allies within and outside Michigan State University demanding that Stephen Hsu be removed from his position as Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation.

The concerns expressed by the Graduate Employees Union [twitter] [unrolled] and other individuals familiar with Hsu indicates an individual that cannot uphold our University Mission or our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Given this discordance with university values, Stephen Hsu should not be privileged with the power and responsibility of recruiting and funding scholars, overseeing ethical conduct, or coordinating graduate study.

By signing this open letter we ask MSU to follow through to its commitment to be a diverse and inclusive institution and to change its institutional and administrative practices so that the passion and talent of Black scholars, Indigenous scholars, and other scholars of color (BIPOC) can be recognized and fostered within these university halls.

We currently have 820 signatures. You can add your signature here. * Please note due to the nature of the open letter we are unable to completely verify submissions. If your name has been falsely submitted, or if there is an error with your submission, please email and/or

See another internal letter started by MSU faculty, currently signed by 546 faculty, staff, and graduate students at MSU, here. Those at MSU are welcome to sign both petitions; this petition is intended to be available to those both inside and outside the institution. The number of signatories of each petition is not meant to be or expected to be mutually exclusive.

Signatories of this letter agree also not to interfere with or harass any counter-petitions which arise. We condemn such measures and will follow up on any reports that our supporters are engaging in any such behavior.


Last Update: June 19, 5:27 PM EST

Bolded names indicate population geneticists. We highlight these individuals by their request to emphasize that Hsu’s views have no basis in the scientific community.



Dr. Susan Wyche Associate Professor Dept of Media and Information
Chris Frilingos Faculty member  
Dr. Gideon Bradburd Assistant Professor Dept of Integrative Biology
Laura Schmitt Olabisi Associate Professor  
David Lowry Assistant Professor Dept of Plant Biology
Laura Chomiuk Associate Professor Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Anna Pegler-Gordon Professor James Madison College
E. Starr   Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures
Heather L Eisthen Professor Integrative Biology
Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson Assistant Professor Integrative Biology
John Monberg, PhD    
Rufus Isaacs Professor Entomology
Mark Axelrod Associate Professor James Madison College/Fisheries & Wildlife
Anthony Kendall Research Assistant Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Frank A. Fear Professor Emeritus College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Meredith L. Gore, PhD   Fisheries & Wildlife
Jim Smith   Lyman Briggs College/Entomology
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, PhD Professor Director of Digital Humanities/Professor in English
Carolyn M. Malmstrom Associate Professor Plant Biology
Amy Ralston, Ph.D. Associate Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jyotsna G. Singh Professor English
Andaluna Borcila Associate Professor James Madison College
Tom Fernandez Professor Horticulture
Amara E. Ezeamama Assistant Professor Psychiatry
Zarena Aslami Associate Professor English
Aaron M. McCright Professor and Chairperson Sociology
Amy DeRogatis Professor Religious Studies
Susan Stein-Roggenbuck Assistant Professor James Madison Colloge
Catherine M. Grosso Professor College of Law
Justus Nieland Professor and Chair English
Thomas D. Sharkey MSU Distinguished Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Robert VanBuren Assistant Professor Horticulture
Lars Brudvig Associate Professor Plant Biology
Vashti Sawtelle PhD  
Chris Sullivan, PhD   Psychology
Kristin Mahoney Associate Professor English
Sarah W. Fitzpatrick, PhD   W.K. Kellogg Biological Station/Integrative Biology
Stacy Hickox, JD   School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Joshua Lam Assistant Professor English
Divya Victor, PhD Assistant Professor English
Andrea Wittenborn Associate Professor Human Development & Family Studies
Naoko Wake, PhD Associate Professor Lyman Briggs/History
David R. Ewoldsen, PhD   Community Sustainability
Robert B. Richardson Professor Community Sustainability
Leslie D. Gonzales Associate Professor EAD
Erica Frantz Associate Professor  
Allison Berg Associate Professor James Madison College
Bruce Sagan, PhD   Department of Mathematics
Marjorie Weber Assistant Professor Plant Biology
Lily Woodruff Associate Professor Art, Art History and Design
Jeffrey Conner Professor  
Keith Promislow Professor Mathematics
Richard Lenski John Hannah Distinguished Professor Departments of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; Plant, Soil & Microbial Sciences; and Integrative Bology
Rosemarie Handley    
Haddish Melakeberhan Associate Professor Horticulture
Peggy Ostrom Professor Integrative Biology
Lynmarie Posey Associate Professor Chemistry
Courtney Hollender Assistant Professor Horticulture
Melanie Cooper Professor Chemistry
Dan Chitwood Asisstant Professor Horticulture/Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
Anonymous Professor Professor Chemistry
Anonymouse Professor Professor Sociology
Leigh VanHandel Associate Professor Music
Donatien Pascal Kamden, PhD   Packaging
Elliot Ryser Professor Food Science & Human Nutrition
Piotr Piecuch University Distinguished Professor, MSU Foundation Professor Chemistry
Jason Gallant Assistant Professor Integrative Biology
Benjamin Levine Associate Professor Chemistry
Melissa McDaniels Senior Advisor to the Dean for Research Mentoring Gradute School & Postdoc Office
Anonymous Assistant Professor  
Anonymous Assistant Professor College of Education
Beth Herbel-EIsenmann Professor Teacher Education
Mary Tate Bremigan   Fisheries and Wildlife
Rowenn Kalman Assistant Professor (NTF) Anthropology
Maite Tapia Assistant Professor School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Vincent Melfi Associate Professor Statistics and Probability
Adán Quan   Anthropology
Anonymous Professor Physics & Astronomy
Elizabeth M. Gardener, PhD   Food Science & Human Nutrition
Kay Holekamp University Distinguished Professor Integrative Biology
Peter Johnston Academic Specialist English
Andrea Louie Professor Anthropology
Yelena Kalinski Assistant Professor - Fixed Term/Associate Director for Research & Publications H-Net/Art, Art-History & Design
Karen Kelly-Blake, PhD   Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences and Department of Medicine
Scott Boehm Assistant Professor Romance & Classical Studies
Janette W. Boughman Professor Integrative Biology
Cynthia L. Jordan, PhD Professor Neuroscience/College of Natural Sciences Faculty Excellence Advisor
Eric Tans Librarian MSU Libraries
Matthew J. Grieshop Assistant Professor Entomology
Michael D. Gottfried Associate Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Pamela C. Rasmussen, PhD   Integrative Biology
Scott Michaelsen Professor  
Dr. FSH    
Gene Burns Professor James Madison College
Barbara Lundrigan, PhD   Integrative Biology
Muraleedharan Nair Professor Horticulure
Jeremy Prokop, PhD   Pediatrics & Human Development
Jay Zarnetske Assistant Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Charles Ofria Professor Computer Science & Engineering
Phoebe Zarnetske Assistant Professor Integrative Biology
Seth Jacobson Assistant Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Anonymous Assistant Professor  
Pamela Ruegg Professor and Chair Animal Science
Julius H Jackson Professor Emeritus; Assoc. Dean Emeritus Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; The Graduate School
Dar Meshi Assistant Professor Department of Advertising and Public Relations
William C. Wetzel Assistant Professor Department of Entomology
Mariah Meek Assistant Professor Integrative Biology
Steven Stowe,PhD    
Nathaniel E. Ostrom Professor Integrative Biology
Sharon L Hoerr, RDN, PhD, FACN Professor emerita Dept Food Science and Human Nutrition
Susan J. Masten Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bree Holtz, PhD   Advertising and Public Relations
Sean Weise Assistant Professor Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Allison Eden Associate Professor Department of Communication
Kathleen Foley Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Fredric Janzen Professor and Director Kellogg Biological Station
Ashton Shortridge, PhD   Geography, ENvironment, & Spatial Sciences
Eric Torng Associate Professor/Associate Dean Computer Science & Engineering/The Graduate School
Catherine Ernst Professor Animal Science
Eric Aronoff Associate Professor  
Emily Josephs Assistant Professor Plant Biology
Richard J. Miksicek   Department of Physiology, College of Human Medicine
Jennifer Watling Neal Associate Professor Psychology
Zachary Neal Associate Professor Psychology
Casey Miles, PhD Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures  
Kenneth W. Harrow PhD Emeritus Department of English
Lewis Siegelbaum Jack and Margaret Sweet Professor Emeritus History
Muraleedharan Nair Professor Horticulture, CANR
Galia Benitez PhD James Madison College

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jackson Helms, PhD Kellogg Biological Station
Brendan Reid, PhD Kellogg Biological Station
Zac Johnston, PhD Physics & Astronomy
Paul Bergeron, PhD  
Acer VanWallendael, PhD  
Abigail Stevens, PhD Physics & Astronomy
Matteo Tomasini Integrative Biology
Nate Emery, PhD Plant Biology
Jennifer Jones, PhD Kellogg Biological Station
Nathan Haan, PhD Entomology
Rose Marks, PhD  
Jennifer Wai, PhD Horticulture
Chris Mancuso, PhD Research Associate / NIF F32 Fellow, CMSE
Nadya Mamoozadeh, PhD  
Monique Kelly, PhD Sociology
Shannon O’Leary, PhD Integrative Biology
Nakia D Parker, PhD History
Tasha Thompson, PhD Integrative Biology
Dr. Norman Scheel, PhD Radiology
Sarah Doore, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sophie Picq  
AL Carter, PhD Kellogg Biological Station
Sarah Crusser, PhD  
Murielle Aalund, PhD Integrative Biology
David Luecke, PhD  
Andrew W. Thompson, PhD Integrative Biology
Ben Stein  
Andrea Glassmire, PhD Entomology
Luciano Silvestri, PhD CMSE
María Paola Puggioni, PhD PRL
Erin Zylstra, PhD Integrative Biology
Danielle J. Whittaker, Ph.D. BEACON Center & Integrative Biology

Academic & Research Staff

Erica Fischer, MS    
Caroline Edwards   Plant Biology
Helen Rueckert Research Technician Integrative Biology
David Salcedo Tacuma Research Assistant Physiology
Taylor Lawrence Lab Technician Integrative Biology
Kendra Pyle Academic Specialist - Advising Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Plant Biology
Eleri Thomas Academic Program Coordinator Neuroscience
Luke Zehr, MS   Entomology
Kevin Lucas Professional Aide  
John R. Taylor, PsyD Supervisory Staff College of Osteopathic Medicine
Holly Vander Stel   Kellogg Biological Station
Katie Greulich PhD Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum
Dessie Clark PhD Office of Academic and Student Affairs, CANR
Cheryl Leece Academic Research Staff (Retired) Human Medicine
Danny Jackson Research Assistant Plant Biology
Moriah Young Research Assistant Integrative Biology
M. A. Cinelli, PhD Senior Research Associate Biochemistry
R. Ulbrich    
Rachel Jansen    
Charlene Tarsa    
Angie Little, PhD Senior Research Associate  
Maya Wilson Brown    
Emily Burgess   Kellogg Biological Station
Erik Dams Accountant & BA Finance ‘19 Entomology
Nicole Ellefson Outreach Specialist  
Sarah Eubanks   Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Becky Matz, PhD   Hub for Innovation in Learning & Technology
Camilla Peabody Research Technician Integrative Biology
Daniel Pfau, PhD NatSci DEI Training Facilitator  
Nicole Ellefson Outreach Specialist  
Skylar DeWitt Research Assistant Psychology
Jonathan Walkotten Research Assistant MSU Center for Community and Economic Development
Carolyn Graham Lab Technician Plant Biology
Jesse Traub PhD Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology Institute of Agricultural Technology CANR, MSU

Graduate Students

Acacia Ackles PhD Student Integrative Biology
Kevin Bird PhD Candidate Horticulture
McKayla Sluga PhD Candidate History
Matthew Andres Moreno PhD Student  
Kyle Sittig PhD Candidate  
Alexander Lalejini PhD Candidate  
Daniel Turner PhD Student Entomology
Jeremy Pardo PhD Candidate  
Meaghan Clark PhD Student  
itatiVCS PhD Student  
KBS PhD Candidate  
Cristóbal Martinez PhD Student English & Film Studies
Jaron Adkins PhD Candidate  
Austin Ferguson PhD Student Computer Science & Engineering
Kenyon Cavender MS Student Statistics & Probability
Anna Haber PhD Student  
Rachel Osborn PhD Candidate  
Erica Holt PhD Candidate History
Isabela Borges PhD Student Integrative Biology, W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Julie Jarvey PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Teresa Panurach PhD Student Physics & Astronomy
CJ Llorente PhD Student Physics & Astronomy
Rebecca Shay PhD Candidate  
Brandon Barker PhD Student  
Rachel Frisbie PhD Candidate Physics & Astronomy
Claire Kopenhafer PhD Student Physics & Astronomy, CMSE
Julian Liber MS Student Plant Biology
Brandon Johnson PhD Student Neuroscience
KBS PhD Candidate  
Jeffrey Davis PhD Student Philosophy
Jack O’Brien    
Isabella Molina PhD Student Physics & Astronomy
Jeremy Neefus PhD Candidate Philosophy
Kevin McCormick PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Kyle Jaynes PhD Student Integrative Biology
Josh Shields PhD Student  
Ellen Weise    
Seth Smith PhD Student Integrative Biology
Elizeth Cinto Meija PhD Candidate  
Katherine Skocelas PhD Student Computer Science & Engineering
Paul Hamerski PhD Candidate  
Anonymous Graduate Student    
Serena G. Lotreck PhD Student Plant Biology
Jeremy Rapp MS Student Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez PhD Student Computer Science & Engineering
Chase O’Neil MS Stduent Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Allison Zahorec PhD Student Entomology
Matthew Farr PhD Student Integrative Biology
Eleanore Ritter PhD Student Plant Biology
Bruce Stagg Martin PhD Student Plant Biology
Juan Carlos Rico Noguera PhD Student  
MB PhD Student  
Jeff Burnett PhD Student Anthropology
Aimer A. Gutierrez-Diaz PhD Student  
Sara Hugentobler PhD Student Integrative Biology
Clayton Oppenhuizen PhD Candidate  
Michael J. Albani PhD Candidate History
Maria Garcia PhD Student  
Max Helmberger PhD Student Entomology
Chris Gottschalk PhD Candidate Horticulture
Mackenzie Norman PhD Student School Psychology
Andrés Felipe Galindo Olarte PhD Student Mathematics
ALM PhD Student  
Anonymous Graduate Student PhD Student Environmental Sciences
Connie A. Rojas PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Kristen Dage PhD Candidate Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Darren Incorvaia PhD Candidate Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Olivia Fitch PhD Student Integrative Biology
Anonymous Graduate Student PhD Student Environmental Sciences
Christina Chu PhD Student Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Brad Day PhD Student Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Alexandria Kuhl PhD Candidate Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ava Garrison PhD Candidate Plant Biology
Vincent Ragusa PhD Student Computer Science & Engineering
Evan Brenner PhD Student Comparative Medicine & Integrative Biology
ALH PhD Candidate  
Patrick Abell   Horticulture
Laura Castro PhD Student  
Briana Williams PhD Student Social Psychology
Kathryn Carpenter MS Student  
Kayleigh Hauri PhD Student  
Meagan Abel PhD Student  
Joseph Stachelek PhD Candidate  
Robert Logan PhD Candidate Kellogg Biological Station/Integrative Biology
Danielle Chiaramonte PhD Student Ecological-Community Psychology
Brenna Helm PhD Student  
Grace Krause PhD Candidate Anthropology
Ronny Ford PhD Student English
Kalia Smith PhD Student Plant Biology
Emily Conway PhD Student Plant Biology
McKena Lipham PhD Student Plant Biology
Nicholas Young PhD Student Physics & Astronomy, CMSE
Livy Drexler PhD Student Anthropology
Riley Pizza PhD Student Plant Biology
Shawna Rowe PhD Candidate Plant Biology
Alexander Aaring PhD Student Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Zoe Hansen PhD Candidate Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Savvas Constantinou PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Thilani Jayakody PhD Student  
Corbin J. Standley PhD Student  
Vee Lawson PhD Student Writing, Rhetoric, & American Culture
Hannah Franklin Grisham PhD Student  
Anna Christina Martinez-Hume PhD Candidate Anthropology
Sabrina Perlman PhD Candidate Anthropology
Ying-Jen Lin PhD Student Anthropology
Jack Stack MS Student Earth & Environmental Sciences
Edward Glayzer PhD Candidate Anthropology
Kyle Frost PhD Candidate Psychology
Marcela Omans McKeeby PhD Candidate Anthropology
Lissie Arndt PhD Student  
Brian Samuel Geyer PhD Candidate Anthropology
Nick Rowe PhD Candidate Economics
Janelle V. LeMon MA  
AY Odedeyi PhD Student Philosophy
Andra Durham PhD Student Anthropology
Xandria R. Quichocho PhD Student  
Qin Shi Huang PhD Student Computer Science & Engineering
Amber Bassett   Plant, Soil & Microbial Sciences
Nick PhD Student History
Tayler Ulbrich PhD Candidate History
John Vsetecka PhD Candidate History
Abdullah Jabang PhD Candidate  
Jenna Walters MS Entomology
Corinn Rutkoski PhD Student Kellogg Biological Station
Matt Hill   Department of Physics and Astronomy
Alex Wright PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Taylor Rupp PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Tracy Montgomery PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Adam Kawash PhD Candidate  
Miles DeNudt    
McKenzie Javorka PhD Student Ecological-Community Psychology
Isaac Lartey PhD Candidate  
Kellie Walters PhD Candidate Horticulture
Kenna D. S. Lehmann PhD Candidate Integrative Biology/Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Gabrielle DOminguez PhD Student Integrative Biology
Lily Johnson-Ulrich, PhD    
Alice Puchalsky PhD Student W. K. Kellogg Biological Station/Integrative Biology
Meredith Zettlemoyer PhD Candidate Plant Biology/Kellogg Biological Station
Miranda Wade   Integrative Biology/Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Kota Nakasato PhD Student  
Christian Henry, PhD    
Chad Papa PhD Student Forestry
Kriti Seth    
Annika Kohler MS Student Horticulture
Catherine Henry PhD Candidate Forestry
Joe Karisny PhD Student History
Douglas Kirkpatrick PhD Candidate Computer Science & Engineering
Megan Machusko MS Student Forestry
Clare Carlson PhD Student  
Brit Graduate Student Chemistry
Robert Kincaid Crigler PhD Candidate History
Keenan Noyes PhD Candidate Chemistry
Courtney Byrant PhD Candidate Psychology
Jill Check MS Student Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Nicholas Pigg MD Student  
Andrew Paton-Glassbrook PhD Student Plant Soil and Microbial Sciences
Shaylynn Crum PhD Student  
Ajay Somaraju MS  
Antoinette Shirley PhD Student  
Justin Grace PhD Student Physics and Astronomy
Daniel Hoffman MS Student Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences
Kyle Farris PhD Student Department of Educational Administration
Erika LaPlante MS Student Plant Biology
Olivia Jo Utley PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Kathleen Rhoades PhD Student  
Eric Stalknecht PhD Student Horticulture
Allie Watson MS Student  
Anonymous MD Candidate  
Nicole Wonderlin PhD Candidate Entomology
Alan E. Yocca PhD Candidate Plant Biology
Alyssa Wolfe PhD Student Second Language Studies
Erika Vallejo PhD Student  
Mayson Whipple    
Jen Zavalnitskaya MS Student  
Caitlin Barker PhD Student History
Sara Grady PhD student Communication
Benjamin Akey PhD Student Anthropology
Luke Gregory PhD Student Plant Biology
Michael Ryskamp PhD Student Plant Biology
Jocelyn Alisa Dana-Le Graduate Assistant Eli Broad College of Business
Samantha Bowden MS Student  
Danielle Young PhD Candidate Plant Biology
Allison Young PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Lauren Collier-Spruel PhD Candidate Psychology
Jennifer K. Allen, MSW PhD Student School of Social Work
Grant Gliniecki PhD Student  
Olivia Spagnuolo PhD Candidate Integrative Biology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
Shaylynn Miller PhD student  
Ali Soltani PhD Plant Biology
Joshua Kaste PhD Student Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bethany Meadows PhD student Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture
Anonymous Graduate Student PhD Student Psychology
Emily Dean PhD Student  
Jorge Nevarez    
Torie Gerlofs-Fritz PhD Student History
Sanket Jantre PhD Candidate  
Anonymous PhD Student Electrical Engineering
Igor Bezsonov PhD Student Mechanical Engineering
Patrick O’Grady PhD Candidate History Department
Anna Wilcoxson PhD Candidate  
Danika Van Niel PhD Student Mathematics
Mikayla Kim PhD Candidate Psychology
Anonymous MS Student Communication
DJ Rice Graduate Assistant Jazz Studies
Manali Dhawan PhD Student  
Ryan Tilluck PhD Candidate Chemistry
Jack Hennes PhD Candidate  
Ani Hristova MS Candidate  
Chloe Lewis PhD Student Mathematics
Dennis Foren Ph.D. Candidate Physics & Astronomy
Yasheen Jadidi PhD Chemistry
Mark Suchyta PhD Student Sociology, Environmental Science and Policy
Nicolei Gupit MFA Candidate Art, Art History, and Design
Marissa Knaak PhD Student History
Anonymous } PhD Teacher Education  
AJ Ph.D. candidate  
Erik Mueller MFA  
Paula Mercurio PhD Student Mathematics
Annabelle Estera PhD Candidate Educational Administration
Jonathan W. Thurston PhD English
Craig T. Robertson PhD Candidate Media & Information
Christopher Svoboda PhD Candidate  
Brenna Breshears MA, LPC, CRC, PhD Candidate College of Ed, RCE
Connor Drooff Graduate Student Earth & Environmental Sciences
Sandra Olenic PhD Candidate CMB
Gloria Yarandi   Pharmacology & Toxicology
Zayn Al-Zahid MS Student Physiology
Andrew Gerard PhD Candidate Community Sustainability
Courtney R. Bingham PhD Student  
Nathan Poirier Graduate student Sociology
Kayleigh Ward PhD Candidate Department of Sociology
Kiyoto Tanemura PhD Student Chemistry
Kayla Davis PhD Student Integrative Biology
Katrina Groeller PhD Student Sociology
Samantha Westcott PhD Student  
Madeline Nash PhD Student Sociology
Kyle Card PhD Candidate Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Anonymous PhD Candidate PhD Candidate  
Funmi Ayeni PhD Student  
Taylor Mills PhD Student  
Jennifer Lai PhD Candidate Sociology
Jihan Mohammed PhD Candidate  
Laura Twardochleb PhD Candidate Fisheries and Wildlife
Rachel Domagalski PhD Candidate Department of Mathematics
Vanessa Maldonado PhD Student Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Aaron Woodman DMA Student  
Kahlia Roberts PhD Student Philosophy
Aksheya Sridhar Graduate Student Psychology
Sara Tahir PhD student  
Abi Buchanan PhD student  
Christine P Bennett PhD Candidate English Department
David M. Bowers PhD Candidate Program in Mathematics Education
Kakia Gkoudina Ph. D Student  
Ti’Air Riggins PhD Candidate Biomedical Engineering  
Stephie Kang PhD Student Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures
Paul Fiesel PhD Candidate Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tasha Williams PhD Candidate  
Anonymous PhD Candidate Teacher Education
Ezgi Karaoglu PhD Student Sociology
Kara Dobson PhD Student Integrative Biology
Kaelyn Muiru PhD Student English
Joshua Wylie Graduate Student Physics
Lucas Al-Zoughbi PhD Student Psychology
Susan Beightol PhD candidate Earth and Environmental Sciences
Brandon Bavier PhD Student  
Caley Harris PhD Student Physics & Astronomy
Kimberly Alberts PhD Candidate  
Sophie Bedford Graduate Student Chemistry
Jariel Ramirez-Virella PhD Student  
JoAnn Ballor    
Shelby Wilcox    
Isaac T. Yandow PhD Student Physics
Cristhian Gonzalez-Ortiz PhD Student Physics and Astronomy
Emma Haines MS Student Earth and Environmenta Sciences
Chiwimbo P. Mwika PhD Student  
Xueming Xue PhD Student Earth and Environmenta Sciences
Lindsey Kemmerling PhD Candidate Kellogg Biological Station
Aaron Woodman DMA Student  
Sarah Groendyk PhD Student Integrative Biology
Maggie Sawdy PhD Candidate Integrative Biology
Emily Milton PhD Student Anthropology
Katie Carline PhD Candidate History
Ian Gonzalez Afanador PhD Student ECE
Travis Johnsiewilliam    
Milos Sretenovic PhD Student Dept. Physics and Astronomy
Emily Jennings PhD Candidate Plant Biology Dept
Quinn Kolar PhD Student  
Daniel Priddy MS Student Horticulture
Michael Gottschalk PhD Student Physics
Natalie Constancio MS Student  
Kristina Beethem PhD Student Sociology
Jennifer Gruber PhD Student Ecological-Community Psychology
Madeline Mackinder PhD Candidaten  

Undergraduate Students

Maggie Haite Lyman Briggs, Honors College
Alexander Urlaub Entomology
Nick Confer Chemistry
Hazel Anderson Plant Biology
Abigail Seeger Plant Biology and Statistics
Jackie Brandonisio Food Sciences
Ally Brown  
Joseph Deschaine Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Bracken Residential College of Arts and Humanities
Ralph Arisania  
Jhovonne Fernandez Media and Information
Huda Warsame  
Jenna Snider Lyman Briggs
Santiago Rodriguez-Papa Engineering, Honors College
Cooper Burton James Madison
Alex Grabowski  
Ren Mueller  
Justin Fernando  
Minali Bhatt  
Reid Eliefson-Frank  
Isabella Allen  
Gabi Meitler Lyman Briggs
Isabella Kercorian  
Madeline Henneman  
Hannah Carbar  
Christine Lee Lyman Briggs, Honors College
Abi Otwell  
Ryann Whalen Lyman briggs, Honors College
Erika Shiino Natural Sciences Honors College
Olivia 嚴芳 Moses Residential College in the Arts & Humanities
Andrew Kelley  
Lea Dyga BS Student, College of Natural Science
Makaila Rawls  
Samirah Pulos-Copeland  
Ally Beshouri James Madison College; Art, Art History, and Design Department
Skyler Leslie James Madison College
Ally Beshouri James Madison College; Art, Art History, and Design Department


Graduate Employees Union AFT Local #6196
The Evening Look Student Publication
EEBB Graduate Group Graduate Student Organization

Outside MSU


Anya Vostinar PhD  
Tess Huelskamp Computer Science ‘17  
Mackenzie Caple PhD Kellogg Biological Station
Megan Davis Physics & Astronomy, BSc ‘19 current PhD Student, University of Connecticut
Nicole Strobel Film & Media Studies current PhD Candidate, UC Santa Barbara
Acacia Costales James Madison College  
Claudia Allou James Madison College  
Alex Brown BA  
Max Hughes PhD  
Huei Sears Lyman Briggs College, BSc ‘17 current PhD Student, Ohio University Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Patric Vaelli PhD currently at Harvard University
Georgia Artzberger    
Allie Pail James Madison College, Social Science  
Alex Galarza History PhD ‘17 currently at University of Delaware
Nikolai Yezhov PhD  
Justin Waraniak   currently PhD Student, North Dakota State University
Dr. Kelsey Yule PhD School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, former MSU PostDoc in Integrative Biology
Robert Johnson MBA  
GlenEllen Lehmberg    
Christian Millan Hernandez MS Entomology currently at UUC
Kristen Schmitt MS Fisheries and Wildlife  
Dr. Eli Strauss    
Emma Baker    
Daniel Parrell PhD ‘19  
Emly Toppen College of Arts & Letters  
Joshua Pang BA Finance, BS Actuarial Science  
Elizabeth Abdnour    
Kasey Pham PhD Student  
Karin Rebnegger PhD Anthropology
Shaun Phillips    
Maria Raviele PhD Anthropology
Rebecca Meuninck PhD, Anthropology Deputy Director, Ecology Center
Laleah Fernandez PhD  
Stephanie White PhD  
Lesley Yates-Pollard BA Anthropology ‘06 currently Graduate School staff- University of Oregon
Lzz Johnk   currently PhD Candidate, Oregon State University
Adam Mackey Journalism ‘19  
Isaiah Hawkins    
Mackenzie Mrla Spartan Teacher  
Claire Gonyo, PhD    
Han Seitawan   PhD Student
Elizabeth Medlin    
Natasha Dirckson    
Ryan Knott    
Margaret Rowley MA/MM currently Phd Candidate at Boston University
Emily Toppen College of Arts and Letters  
CHad Zirbel, PhD    
Cathleen Fry, PhD   currently Postdoc fellow at LANL
Campbell Thompson Communication Arts and Sciences  
Alec Manaia Sociology  
Jenna Pratt M.Ed  
Piet Braun BA, Media & Information  
Charles Loelius PhD Physics, 2014-2017 Vice President/Treasurer, GEU  
Isabela Kadar    
Michelle Rozwadowski B.S. Neuroscience ‘18  
Sandi Clement PhD Microbiology & Molecular Genetics  
Anna C. BS Lymans Briggs
Joban singh    
Kathy Chen PhD  
Melissa S. Research Aide Institute for Quantitative Health, BME department
Joshua Isaacson PhD Physics and Astronomy
Jeff Johnson   James Madison College and College of Social Science
Margo Susnjar (Cotter) Librarian  
Calli O’Keefe BSN, RN  
Shannon Norris M.A. Ed  
Elizabeth Gensterblum-Miller PhD Candidate University of Michigan
Julie Gensterblum    
Sarah Hession PhD Previously Associate Statistician, CSTAT, VPRI
Logan Lindsay Management Consultant MSU alumni
L Tolsma    
Robin Eley    
Casey terHorst Assoc. Prof., Cal State Northridge former MSU post-doc
Christopher Ray Worst BS Forestry ‘18 Forester
Kyndra Sisayaket DMA Horn Performance, College of Music  
Terri Poxon-Pearson PhD, 2020 Physics & Astronomy
Carolyn Pratt, PhD History  
Kath Edsall DVM  
Gizem Kurt PhD Physiology  
Elyse Gambino MFA ‘17, Art, Art History & Design  
Rhyomi Sellnow PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology  
Laura Kirby PhD  
Andrew Schmidt MS, Engineering  
Chitrak B PhD student  
Srijan Datta PhD Student  
Joseph Lee-Cullin,PhD Albion College  
Elizabeth Pellerito, PhD Director, Labor Education Program UMass Lowell
Jill E. Kelly PhD MSU, 2012  
Matt Kolp, PhD Formerly EEBB and Plant Biology  
Davon Woodard PhD Candidate VT

Other Community Allies

Olivia Borghi PhD Student University of Washington Department of Mathematics
Dema K. PhD Student  
Chris Peritore-Galve PhD  
Kirke Elsass PhD Student Montana State University (Former Michigan resident)
Shan Kothari PhD student Plant and Microbial Biology, University of Minnesota
Brandon Locke   Former MSU instructor & curriculum developer
Andrea Slavney PhD  
Michael Roosa PhD Candidate Department of Physics & Astronomy, Texas A&M University
Derek M Anderson PhD Candidate Texas A&M University
Benjamin Harris PhD Candidate Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Gabriel Mathy Assisstant Professor American University
Nishant Singh PhD Candidate Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Zachary Park PhD Candidate Georgetown University
Levi Gray Postdoc Biology Department, University of Kentucky
Hannah Davis    
Martha Reiskind Research Assistant Professor North Carolina State University
Cathryn Townsend PhD  
Michael Evitts MS  
Rebecca Froebe    
Laura Jessup PhD Student Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University
Jeremy Canfield PhD Student Physics, Georgetown University
Heidi Abresch PhD Student  
Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel   Lecturer & Program Director
Jacqueline Cambata    
Megan Phifer-Rixey PhD  
Erica Larson Assistant Professor University of Delaware
Annie Smith PhD  
Aleksey Undergraduate Computer Science
Darcy Winslow MS Academy for Systems Change
Peter Ralph PhD University of Oregon
Kathryn Hebert PhD  
Young Wha Lee Biometrics Lead, Excellence in Breeding Platform CGIAR
Michael D. Edge Postdoctoral Researcher UC Davis
Natalie M Wiseman MD/PhD Candidate Wayne State University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
Gaelen McCartney    
Naomi Goldberg M.ed Student  
Thom Nelson, PhD    
Nicholas Mancuso Assistant Professor Prev Medicine, KSOM USC
Alex Clagg    
Andrew Drake    
Stephanie David    
Jonathan Kaplan Professor Oregon State University, Department of Philosophy
Morgan Cassidy Sustainability Specialist  
Madison Flasco    
Anna Rose Beard    
Molly Green PhD Candidate UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Anthropology
Jedidiah Carlson Postdoctoral Researcher University of Washington
Nancy Dordal JD Candidate University of Maryland Baltimore
Erin Moran    
Jake Weissman Postdoctoral Scholar Biology, USC
Brandon S. Cooper Assistant Professor University of Montana
Kristen Hairston    
João Gabriel Rabello Sodré PhD Student History, Georgetown University
Melanie Schmitt MHA  
Sruthi Gohimukkula MD Candidate Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University
Kathleen Gleason Reporter LCC Radio
Alexndria Barkman PhD Candidate University of Hawaii
Elliott Brennan    
Adam Clare Herman PhD University of Minnesota
André Hudson Professor/Head Rochester Institute of Technology, Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
Olivia Guest PhD  
James Lingford Research Assistant University of Melbourne
Mark Hibbins PhD Candidate Indiana University Department of Biology
Yilen Gomez Maqueo Chew Research Professor Instituto de Astronomia UNAM
Antigona Segura PhD Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Zoha S. PhD Student  
James McGuire    
Sarah Turner-Hissong PhD  
Esse Tran Morgaine MSc MIT
Jeremy B. Yoder Assistant Professor Biology, CSU Northridge
Mauna Dasari Phd Candidate Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
Rodolfo Palma    
Ivan Baxter Principal Investigator  
Matthew R. Fox   Northumbria University
Gabriel Stephens PhD Candidate Baylor College of Medicine, Neuroscience Department
Alejandra Canales PhD Candidate Neuroscience, UW-Madison
Nicholas Bray PhD Broad Institute
Melanie Schmitt MHA  
Mai-Ly Tran   University of Michigan
Cameron Clarke PhD Student Stony Brook University, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Anonymous MD Student Drexel University College of Medicine
Leslie Abraham MD Candidate  
William Shoemaker PhD UCLA
Isabella dela Cruz MS Physician Assistant UDM
Robert Hill, PhD   Northwestern University
Elenna Capote PhD Student  
Denyz Melchor PhD Student UCLA Astronomy
Kristen Connor PhD Candidate University of Michigan, Anthro-History
Lawrence H. Uricchio, PhD   University of California, Berkeley
Jennifer Zanchez Undergraduate in Physics  
Jeremy J Berg, PhD University of Chicago Department of Human Genetics
Zack Furness, PhD    
Kayleigh Hood PhD Candidate IU Ecology Evolution and Behavior
Samuel Rodriguez MS Student Physics
Page Welsh Dual English MA/MFA Candidate Chapman University
Lauren Gillespie PhD Student Stanford University
Emma Whittington, PhD    
Jerushah Gracey MS Student  
Davis Weaver MD/PhD Candidate Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Nancy Chen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Emily D Armbruster,PhD   CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
Stephanie Yuan Undergraduate University of Florida
Pete Shanks Writer  
Megan Dean PhD Philosophy (Bioethics)
Jordan Hoffman    
Daniel Dana-Le   Grand Ledge Public Schools
David desJardins PhD  
Lindsay Hendrickson Student of Physical Therapy University of California, San Francisco
Deni Malone    
J. Djugashvili MA  
Michael D. Mouse B.Sc M.Comm  
Lizzy Trower Assistant Professor  
Serena Eley Assistant Professor of Physics Colorado School of Mines
Haley Yaremych PhD Student Vanderbilt University
Kimberly Eley    
Ari Ne’eman PhD Student (Health Policy) Harvard University
Joann Maldonado Torres    
Erin Drabicki   UofM Alum
Abby Manning Registered Nurse UofM Alum
Linda K. Cromwell    
Radolphis Bonnette    
Anusha Sinha MS Student Carnegie Mellon University
Joanna Koch    
Eric Anderson PhD  
Galen Martin PhD Student UCI Ecology & Evolutionary Bio
Jasmine Sears PhD Optical Science
Jessica Slater PhD  
Lauren Lees PhD Student  
Daniela Bonafede-Chhabra PhD  
Lars Kuhn PhD  
P Webb M Ed  
Ben Kolb PhD student Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University
Toni Pitts MS  
Stephanie Kwan PhD Student Princeton University Physics Department
Ben Assa   Caltech alum
Zenith Tandukar PhD Student Agriculture & Plant Genetics
Tucker Reese   Caltech
Grace Toy   Poet & Writer
Tony W. MS  
Michele Markstein Assistant Professor Biology Department, UMass Amherst
Aaron Norton PhD California Institute of Integral Studies
Zachary Caple PhD University of South Florida
Radolphis Bonnette    
Emily Ladi MS Student Biology, Cal State University Northridge
Matias Kaplan PhD Candidate Stanford Bioengineering
John Connolly PhD Student Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Matthew Carr PhD Student Ohio State University
E. N. Whitson PhD candidate Binghamton University, Department of Anthropology
Maxwell M. Forton PhD Student Binghamton University, Department of Anthropology
Mohi Kumar MS, MA  
Solomon Stavrov, PhD Tel Aviv University  
Tali Faris-Hylen    
Megan Dean,PhD   Philosophy (Bioethics)
Aaron Dockser    
Mardez Wheatley    
Ariel Parker PhD Candidate  
Kaleb Johnston    
Leslie Turner,PhD Milner Centre for Evolution University of Bath
Maria Salinas    
Nadine Michel PhD  
Jessica Kassim    
Elias Trout Undergraduate Brandeis University
Lisa Couper MS PhD Candidate Biology, Stanford
Matthew J. Brown Professor Philosophy and History of Ideas The University of Texas at Dallas
Stephanie Noble Postdoctoral Associate Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Yale University
Carol Miller PhD  
Stephen D. Alkins, Ph.D. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer  
Colleen Delaney, PhD Professor Anthropology, CSU Channel Islands
Rob Wilson, PhD   Philosophy, University of Western Australia
Mandy McFarlane    
Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman PhD Candidate Columbia University, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Maria Gonzalez    
Alexa Lalejini School Librarian MLIS  
Elisira Auchter    
Rebecca Woods MS  
Stephanie Moore   Women’s Studies
Sarah Wicks    
Theresa Burnham PhD Candidate  
Sumeet Patwardhan PhD Candidate University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Marcy Darnovsky Executive Director Center for Genetics and Society
Katja Thieme PhD University of British Columbia
Milton Reynolds   Educator
Ram Kodali    
Marshall Kelly